India is Known For Organic Agricultural Food

Agriculture is the occupation of majority of the people in rural India, contributing to 50% to the annual economy of the country.

However with the advancement of technology and the expansion of the research in the field of agriculture and biotechnology, agriculture is blooming as organic produce is gaining priority with the awareness of consumers about the hazardous effects of chemically treated crops to enhance the volume of yield.

The crops like rice, tea, mango, soya bean and many other freshly grown vegetables and fruits bring India a global recognition as a superior leading organic producer and exporter as countries like USA, Canada, Australia and likes import tons of agricultural foodstuffs and finished products on a large scale.

Adopting organic practices has been one of the key reasons Indian produce is appreciated worldwide. Shaping the primitive agricultural practices, steadily India is adopting new manures and machines over poisonous chemicals which destroy the vital elements of the soil making it infertile for cultivation.

Organic food is also an appreciated alternative as it is fresh, free from harmful pesticide and hence has better flavour and taste. It also lasts longer as there are no preservative added which would otherwise cause its taste or flavour to alter. But organic food is often a seasonal practice as a desired climate and soil is not always available and is done by people mostly in green houses or in summer in gardens or small cultivable patches of fertile fields.

This technique is not good for all creatures, but also keeps the environment safe, as no chemicals are deposited either in the air or the soil. Foods produced by adopting this method help in preventing pollution of soil, air and water to a large extent.

Manufacturers, exporters and importers of organic agricultural food are growing in enormous numbers to serve the increasing demand of the consumers. As there is a wide range of organic produce easily available, along with consumers even wholesale and retail dealers are looking to be a part of the lucrative environment of the organic industry.

As in this way of farming fertilizer and manure are used like the conventional practices but as they are 100% natural and made by introducing pests, micro-organisms, bacteria, earthworms which are good to retain the fertility of the soil. Thus the fertilizers which are used in organic agriculture help in enhancing the fertility of the soil and have a direct impact on the yield.

There is always a great deal of trouble to manage the unwanted growth of weeds. They often corrode the soil of the vital nutrients and are a big nuisance. As they are easily controlled by chemical fertilizers and chemicals, but now with the growing awareness of organic farming methods like crop rotation, tilling and likes are used to totally eradicate the growth of weeds.

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