Advanced Agricultural Machines – For Better Harvests And Savings on Manpower

The agricultural sector area took a great leap forward in the 19th century, after the Industrial and the Agricultural revolutions. Agricultural Machineries and devices were updated and revised to meet the food demands by the populations.

The new age machineries increase the farm production and yielding capacities. Soil has different requirements at various seasons though the year, which is known as crop production cycle. So, farm implements are made to simplify the tasks during various steps of agricultural processes.

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The main power: tractor implements

The tractor is the central equipment in most modern farming techniques. After 1800s, when the population expanded, manpower and animal labour were not sufficient enough to cope up with the increasing demand for agricultural produce.

The tractors have been developed with latest scientific technologies to do more tasks than just ploughing the soil. It comes with additional features of post hole diggers, slashers, mulchers are some other tools, used for drilling, powering, pulling and other associated tasks. They are the subsidiary parts of the tractor.

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Preparation of the Soil:

Soil is the main factor and therefore ploughing should be done extensively before farming. The main tool here is the plough and the mowing implements. Flail mowers are the new type of mowers. You can use them to do the mowing tasks effectively and faster.

Generally these machines come with blades of different shapes and angles, designed to penetrate the soil at different depths. These equipments cut and then turn over the layers of soil, for better fertility. It also helps it elimination of the weeds and pebbles.

Plantation of the Seed:

In the past, seeds were planted with hands. Now-a-days, the land is firstly cleared, with the help of slashers, and then the seeds are planted with the seeding machines or sowing planters. These tools can easily plant numerous rows and columns of seeds. They are helpful for maintaining equal space and depth. They also come with spreaders which allow you to spread the seeds in the tilled land correctly. It is a good practice for soil nutrient sharing among the plants.

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Cultivation of the Agricultural Field:

The cultivation is almost the similar activity to the ploughing. The cultivator is used once the seeds are planted. The fertilizers are added now to the crops, with the help of harrows. Cultivators consist of rippers and box scrapers.

These tools help in straddling the crops rows and refining the adjoining soil. This is the most important task, as it creates micro pores which are essential for oxygen circulation to the roots. It also creates spaces for soil water retention.

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