New Changing Functions of Reverse Logistics

The present day environment where logistics and service professionals generally find themselves in is rapidly changing and they are under constant pressure to keep up. Manufacturing is being outsourced for the most part to the original design manufacturers that leaves the “manufacturers” wither as a mere assembler or just as the badge on the product.

All these changes have a profound influence of the reverse logistics dynamics, as repair supplier base size minimized and the links existing between the service and manufacturing too becomes weaker. There are times when the shift to maximized outsourcing of manufacturing increases the size and expense of the repairs, which if is left uncontrolled will have a hindering impact on the stock holdings and obsolescence.

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Initially, reverse logistics have been looked upon as a menial end of the logistics that simply concentrated on repairs. It was mainly aimed at reducing repair expenses,

reducing new buys and catering to the outbound demand for repaired stock. However, today the scope of reverse logistics has increased and it’s not just about repairs. For every section, the question is simply not about “does it make sense to repair” bur rather:-

Buying industry products

When you are considering reverse logistics and its improvements then it is essential to partner with appropriate service providers. Eminent supply chain solutions providers have introduced efficient reverse logistics management system that refurbishes a wide range of products within a less time and gets them back to the field after they are examined and reviewed.

All of this can be attained within 24 hours and offering the higher economic and environmental return in the industry. The services they offer include the following:-

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For global marketplace reverse logistics are a global function and needs to be looked upon as one. In an attempt to manage and supervise a wide range of country initiatives or manufacturing-led repair groups is next to impossible. Hence, one of the first things to start with is to get one and all looking at the concerns from a regional as well as global perspective.

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