National Hospital Week – How Promotional Giveaways Spread Healthcare Awareness?

May 6-12 every year is observed as National Hospital Week in India. The website of this event states that, “A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal, it is a part of the community that fosters health and represents hope. From providing treatment and comfort to the sick, to welcoming new life into the world…”

The event presents a great opportunity for hospitals and other organizations truly dedicated to healthcare. They can apply the principles of promotional marketing to increase awareness among citizens about disease prevention, diagnosis and cure. Giving away products like promotional duffel bags, promotional sticky notes and customized bookmarks can help achieve this goal effectively.

Here are some great ideas to weave products like promotional plastic pens and promotional stuffed animals into your National Hospital Week health awareness campaign:

Giveaways to Hospital employees are goodwill ambassadors – not only of the hospital itself but also of the cause of promoting good health among citizens. As they use the products you gift them like promotional duffel bags or promotional plastic pens branded with your logo and a topical message; patients, visitors and people outside are sure to notice your social message. This is a good opportunity to fulfill your social responsibility while you run your campaign.

Freebies with Purchases at Local Newsstands It’s a great idea to reach out to citizens in your hospital or lab’s vicinity and educate them about the need for mind and body care. Why not give away freebies like promotional sticky notes and customized bookmarks imprinted with your logo and health message with every purchase from the local newsstands! After all, a better informed and healthy neighborhood reflects well on the local medical community too.

Giveaways at Awareness Seminars One creative idea is to organize a seminar for women or the aged to increase awareness about physical fitness. You could give away promotional sticky notes or pocket lights to them at the end of the seminar. Alternatively, you could hold a one-day free orientation class for mothers-to-be and gift customized bookmarks and an accompanying manual to them.

Welcome and Farewell Gifts to Patients A cute idea is to gift children in the children’s ward with promotional stuffed animals like teddy bears. Maybe you could gift promotional duffel bags with a book or a DVD on disease prevention when recovered patients leave for home.

Consider using these ideas as brand promotion tools with a noble cause. You could adapt them to create even more ideas and make your National Hospital Week campaign a vibrant one!

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